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Do you know if your Telephone Directory Advertising Budget is really working for you?
Do you know how many incoming calls to your business are coming directly from your money spent on print and online advertising?
If you don't ... then you need to talk to us now so we can help you get your Return on Investment (ROI) on each individual advertisement you invest in!
TelSoft Call-Tracking Services help you make informed decisions that improve your advertising Return on Investment (ROI) and generate more qualified leads for your sales force or service team to work with.
We provide you with unique telephone numbers that have never been used before, which you the business owner can place in any advert you pay for!
You can advise any advertising provider, online or print, of a telephone number change in your business and start to measure the effectiveness of their media without their knowledge if you wish.

TelSoft's Call Tracking Software with our add numbers gives you the ability to:
Track Number of Calls Received
We record how many incoming calls are from specific advertising campaigns across all medias, this alone will enable you to make precise informed decisions on spend at the right time, do I continue with this campaign, change the art or offers in the add, then I can track what specials or offers gave me the best return! Or I can now cancel that huge advertising expense.

Caller ID Details (Only if not blocked)
You no longer have to train staff to ask each potential client "And please could you tell me where you heard about us today was it the......" All this information is delivered to you automatically; let's once and for all eliminate the human error factor and base our advertising investment decisions on facts!

Duration of the call
This information can help calculate the sales conversion rate from call received to sale for each advertisement you pay for, a twenty second wrong number is not a qualified sales call.

Calling Location (Where did they call from?)
If more of your calls and therefore potential sales are tracked to North Canterbury for example..and the spend is the same as your Christchurch Central campaigns wouldn't it be great to shift that spend for six months into the more ROI friendly area... and measure the results on your bottom line for yourself?

This service can be used in any advertising media:

  • Print Directory advertising Yellow or White Pages
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Online
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Brochures